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Brow Code Heist Brow Soap

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Lift, hold up, and lock down your brow hairs with Brow Heist Brow Soap. Developed to lock the hairs into place to achieve a sleek and long-lasting laminated look with an extreme firm hold. The Brow Heist Soap comes in a luxe compact which includes an application mirror for an easy application wherever you go! Cruelty-Free 
Synthetic Fragrance-Free * Hyaluronic Acid: Promotes healthier, hydrated skin and brow hairs. * Shea Butter: Boosts skins moisture and is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. * Cocoa Extract: Fights free radicals, acting as a protector to the skin and brow hair. * Turmeric Root Extract: Rich in antioxidants which promotes a natural skin glow.